George Michael – His “Last Christmas” with us

George Michael – His “Last Christmas” with us

George Micheal leaves us on Christmas day.

George Michael
George Michael

George Michael, Thy name evokes a huge surge of feelings to millions of fans across the world. Born “Georgos Kyriacos Panayiotou”, he etched a name in millions of hearts and souls with his peppy and soulful renditions. Remember his “Wham” days, when he along with Andy aka “Andrew Ridgeley” gave us number of hits we could find ourselves singing along and revving us up. None of us can forget his priceless contribution to the world of pop music, selling more than 100 million albums during his illustrious music career. He sang and played to us for almost 4 decades; providing us “Faith” in his talent and crooning to us with his “Careless Whispers”.

This Christmas, when he left this world; he makes us remember his lovely song “Last Christmas”. This surely was his “Last Christmas” with us.

May his soul rest in peace. God bless his soul on his way to heaven.



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