International Women’s day (Wishes and greetings galore)

International Women’s day


March 8, The International Women’s day
Celebrated, over the world,
Women, bracing and standing proud,
standing up and let know the world,
Hey!!, We too are a part of this world.

Branded the weaker sex
by all of ’em, who think weak,
It’s time to let these folks know,
That you ain’t weak,
It’s who think so, are weak.

History, Science, all has their say
To remind us, of the great deeds,
women have done, over the ages,
Women know best, what they need,
and to achieve, Thou’ will stand proud, indeed.

Let the world know
That one day is not special,
for you to be acknowledged,
It’s time to have it special,
every day, every moment, extra special.

On the receiving end, at all times,
Crime and hate, against women, on the rise
Men and women alike, should be one,
to strongly, raise their voice,
and to every onslaught, standup and rise.

Lets strive, to fight and oppose,
and get back, the pride,
every women in this world, deserves,
and let the world know, ourselves we pride
on being a women, and not take us for a ride.

Wishing all the women folk a deserving International Women’s day,
loaded with lots of respect, admiration, and adoration on being the women,
who is a mother, a wife, a sister, a friend, above all, SOMEONE WHO CARES.



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