Daane Daane pe likha hai khane waale ka naam

Goli Goli pe likha hai marne waale ka naam. Daane Daane pe likha hai khane waale ka naam.



The title is a bollywood dialogue made famous by Danny Denzongpa (the North East bad guy) with his perfect rendition.

It made sense to me today, when me and my gang went out for tea. By the way, the gang comprises of members (Aparna Pilla, Archana, Subeena, Anju, Krishnu and myself).

As is usually the trend, we make it to tea in the slot 4:00 PM IST and today was un-usually an un-usual day. Krishnu prodded down with his leaden legs towards my cubicle at 3:25 PM and said “Innu namuk kurachu nerthe pogaam”.

I asked him “Enthu patti?”.
Krishnu : Nalla urakam varunnu. Alengil njan urangi pogum.

Me : Sheri. Ethre manikku poganam?
Krishnu : Oru 3:45 pogaam, Alle?
Me : Okay
(Krishnu nodded his head in approval and made his way back).

We made it to Curry mean by the said time and ordered the stuff. Today, Krishnu made it more special by ordering Masala dosa. Archana gave him company by going for the ever effervescent South Indian Masala dosa.

(We made it to the corner secluded spot in Curry mean, waiting for our orders to come by).

(The waiter brought the orders for Aparna, me and Subeena. The coffee followed a bit later).

It was all set, but the masala dosa had not arrived.

It was close to 30 minutes and the masala dosa had not come. Shall I call it miss-ala dosa? Probably the staff at the restuarant gave it a miss.

(Krishnu had remarked indicating that until the dosa palate is hot, they would not go about making the dosa).
Well, they did listen to him, and the dosa had not made it until now.

After a prolonged period, the lone ranger came; the masala dosa. Krishnu gave it a look and found it not crispy and brown as the way he wanted it. He pushed it to Archana.

Archana also found that being the first masala dosa, did not auger well for the dosa itself. It was devoid of the crispy-ness and the distinct brown tinge that we would associate with our favorite dosa.

Archana was nearly through with her dosa and there was no sight of Krishnu’s masala dosa.

Krishnu took it upon himself to get back to the reception and let them know that there is a masala dosa due to him. In fact, they had totally forgotten about his dosa and they had not put the batter on the palate.

After few hungry moments and anxious wait, the South Indian wonder made it across to Krishnu’s table.

He paused for a moment, gave a long look at his much-awaited dosa and began having it.

In due course of time, he found that the potato was not even baked properly. He tried crushing it with his fingers, but alas; the potato would not budge. It would just remain as it is.

Surprisingly, I found he takes the bits of dosa and just dips the tip of the dosa into the chutney and the sambar; without a generous mix of the two. Hey Folks, isn’t it tasty and wonderful to have a thorough mix of the crushed dosa with your sambhar and chutney. Well, Krishnu, you will need to try this out.

Next time, I will keep an eye on you if you have learnt to eat the dosa.

Painstakingly and with a heavy heart, he did finish his dosa. Also you will be amazed to see, with his eating style; a whole lot of the masala and the un-baked potato and the chutney remained. It sure is a grim remainder for his ordeals today, just to have a masala dosa.

I am sure, it did not satisfy his appetite today. He had all the things going wrong today. That’s when I remembered the famous dialogue.

Goli Goli pe likha hai marne waale ka naam. Daane Daane pe likha hai khane waale ka naam.
It means, “The one going to die will have their name etched on the bullet. The one going to eat will have their name on every grain“.

It sure held true for our Krishnu. Thanks man for giving us life’s lighter moments.




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