Dileepkumar, the Incandescent Task Master

Dileepkumar, the Incandescent Task Master

This blog is about Mr. Dileepkumar, my Manager, my Colleague, my Friend; who has been with me since the last decade.

We have been through thick and thin during our work tenure together as a team or as knowledge gatherers. Employees in Millennium (InfoPark, Kochi) know  him as a strict, no-nonsense guide, manager and mentor to almost everybody. People, who have worked with him, will quite agree with me on this front.

There is another side to him, of that of an adventurer, a risk taker, and a fashion conscious man.

He is known for his driving skills. He is always relied upon when friends or colleagues wants to go on a long ride for splurging, adventuring, and / or freaking out on a trip/ journey. One such noticeable incident is of when the team left office at 10:30 pm and took a night road trip to Goa and back to be in office by Monday morning. He was at the helm taking the guys around till Goa and back.

Another incident until recently is of him driving all the way to Kannur (for a personal errand) and back. This was undertaken when Kerala is reeling under the impact of floods, broken roads, nearly invisible roads, and lackluster support to aid such travelers within the state. His passion for driving makes us aware of his innate needs for a complete set of accessory for travelling. He has in his possession an Enfield Bullet mo-bike, which he uses for undertaking solo/ dual journeys across states (just for the pleasure of driving). He recently acquired a Tata Harrier. The fact is that he was waiting quite a long time for a vehicle that pleases his inner desires and Tata Harrier came close to his obsession. He set his sights on Harrier and got it immediately on having the vehicle on roads in Kerala.

Proud to have him in my inner circle of friends, joining my already special and definitely growing list of people; who are close to me.

Published by Abhilash Gopi

Am a simple guy, loves to see the smiles on my friend's faces. So what are you waiting for? Be my friend, Guys n Gals.

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