Happy New Year wishes to all

Happy New Year wishes to all


Twelve months gone by,
and a year, just over
It’s time to say Good bye
for all that happened and is over.
Time to welcome the NEW YEAR
Learning from the past YEAR.

Days in, days out, in our life
We just got in and out
To derive the best out of life.
Was it a hit or a miss, let’s make out
and drive the next year for greater heights
to surely succeed, with all our might.

Every day, Every moment, whether good or bad
For us, is a stepping stone, to a right path
Improving the good and learning from the bad
Let’s us all tread the right path.
Motivation, inspiration, Desires and Wishes
Put it all together to gain the riches.
In mind, emotion, soul and enlightenment,
and gain along the route, from others, acknowledgement.

As we gear up for a new year, 2020
and make it a year to remember, yeah, It’s 2020.
A year, in rhyme and resonance to our ears
We will make it one of our best years.
As I write these lines, for you
Comes with wishes, love and respect to all of you,
My mind, dancing and singing to the new steps
As we race into the new year and take our best steps.

Wish you all and your family a very HAPPY and PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR, 2020.

Author: Abhilash Gopi

Am a simple guy, loves to see the smiles on my friend's faces. So what are you waiting for? Be my friend, Guys n Gals.

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