Homes Razed. Government fails…

The Government fails…

Kerala, thy name for a country
called as God’s own country,
Ain’t no special country
cause, Thy has no rules for a country.

In the news, for reasons,
when homes were razed, for no reasons,
and the people, who know not, why
and the reasons given, They were high in the sky.

Buildings built, not conforming to regulations,
where Builders and Officials, made money outside regulations,
Selling prime land, where construction was forbidden
and the place was taken and bidden.

Families, who yearned for a home
nurtured dreams of a lovely home,
their hard earned money, they gave
so that a home, they could have.

Officials, gloating with ill-gotten wealth
gotten through sly and stealth,
To rob, the deserving of their wealth,
so that, in plomb they can live with this wealth.

The courts, appalled at the broken regulations
With no regard, to coastal regulations,
decided to rob the occupants, of their space
by destroying their heavenly spaces.

One by one, the buildings fell
But for the home owners, It turned to hell,
Government and Officials, sure to blame
for they played a cruel game.

When their homes fell
It turned their feelings, worse than hell
cause, every brick, conceived with love
was for them, a heaven, carved with love.

In the end, the owners to suffer
for no reason of theirs, were made to suffer,
The Government, failed to save
their homes and their hard-earned money, that they saved.

In a cruel twist of fate
With no support, from anywhere, they resigned to their fate,
It’s sad to see, their hopes, broken
and no compensation, can mend their hearts, that is broken.

Author: Abhilash Gopi

Am a simple guy, loves to see the smiles on my friend's faces. So what are you waiting for? Be my friend, Guys n Gals.

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