Coffee Powder Sketches/ Paintings

Coffee Powder Sketches

Hey Folks, I am back with another series of Coffee powder paintings.

With my work eating into my nights, I thought it best to refresh myself with a few paintings. 3 nights of work helped me put in a few minutes to create quick sketches.

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New Year, 2019 wishes to you all.

New Year Wishes for a successful 2019


Now that we are on the threshold of a new beginning towards a more successful 2019; it’s time to take in new perspectives, new goals and new aspirations.


Here’s me wishing you and your family a great and Happy New Year, 2019.

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Beginning with Selenium 3.0 Automation – Part II (Basics of Selenium)

Beginning with Selenium 3.0 Automation – Part II (Basics of Selenium)


Now that you are conversant with the general idea about automation and have already decided to make the grade in carrying out an automation test, we will discuss the most preferred and used OpenSource automation testing tool – Selenium.

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