Ancient Indian warfare and Wars

Ancient Indian warfare and Wars

As I put down a few lines and sketches on the great World Wars; I thought it fit to also highlight the ancient Indian Kings and the wars fought by them. How did they steamroll their enemies, and expand their great empires.

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Coffee Powder Sketch – Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj

Coffee Powder Sketch – Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj

Being born in Maharashtra and having my life spend in the hinterland of Maharashtra; I will call myself as a Maharashtrian by heart. The most profound inspiration is that of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. His glorious Maratha Empire that he carved out amidst the mighty Mughal era is a folklore amongst the people of Maharashtra.

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Coffee Powder Paintings/ Sketches – with a theme for the World Wars

Coffee Powder Paintings/ Sketches – with a theme for the World Wars

Our world has endured two great wars, World War I and World War II. They sure were wars to assert supremacy, extend the political boundaries, and bring others to their knees. Bring others to their knees, they sure did that; but at what cost. At the cost of millions of lives and millions who suffered after the war due to malnutrition, starvation, disease, and panic killings.

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The Magnificient Buffalo

The Magnificient Buffalo

Hey!!! Have you all seen the Buffalo. The local Indian Buffalo and also the majestic African Buffalo on the National Geographic. Don’t you feel it is so majestic and imposing. One look at it and you can feel the power that radiates from every pore.

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Coffee Powder Sketches – More and more in Landscapes

Coffee Powder Sketches – More and more in Landscapes

Hey Folks!!! Am back after some time with more of the coffee powder sketches.

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Covid19 – The Chinese PANDORA Box

Covid19 – The Chinese PANDORA Box


It has been months now with the Covid19 virus ravaging nations and people and hurtling them to their death knell. A manageable situation has ballooned beyond control and has become the dreaded virus; keeping humans at the edge. Rising tensions, apprehension about the outcome and a possibility of being infected has taken a toll on humans emotionally.

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Being Positive… In trying times…

Being Positive… In trying times…
We have always been flooded with loads and loads of messages, proverbs and sayings for being positive and bringing in positivity; in turn looking for better opportunities. I guess, this is what motivates us to give that little extra, to take that little extra risk, to go all out and bring a change in our lives.

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