Coffee Powder Sketches – Jesus

Coffee Powder Sketches – Jesus


A welcome break, I had and spend some time alone. A big stress reliever and immediately, I followed my instincts to spend a few minutes and do a sketch or two. It was the week following the Easter and the topic vivid in my mind – Jesus.

“Okay, so let me do a couple-a-sketches of Jesus”. Is what I thought to myself and is for you to see.

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Coffee Powder Sketches – A few…

Coffee Powder Sketches – A few…


Hey Folks!!! I’m back to my ways, sketching in my free time as before. For my old timer friends, this would not come as a surprise, but aaaah yes, it will be a new face for my new friends.

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Sketches from Sunday, Sep.30, 2012 (A typical Indian Village dawn/ morning)

Sketches from Sunday, Sep.30, 2012 (A typical Indian Village dawn/ morning)

Sunday, Sep.30, 2012.

A day when I relax, away from the hectic schedule from office.

This day, I decided to spend my time sketching and I got two sketches within a few minutes.

Here they are.

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Chinese Fishing nets (Cheena vala) of Cochin

Chinese Fishing nets (Cheena vala) of Cochin, Fort Kochi

The Chinese fishing nets (Cheena vala) is a common sight along the coast of Cochin, typically Fort Kochi. These were introduced by the Chinese explorer Zheng He.

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Made the most of it – Hartaal day Nov.29, 2011 (for Mullaperiyar Dam)

Made the most of it – Hartaal day Nov.29, 2011 (for Mullaperiyar Dam)

Nov.28, 2011/ 11:20 pm.

Nov.29, 2011 has already been declared as a hartaal for showing solidarity with the people of Kerala on the Mullaperiyar dam issue. I had already taken permission from my Delivery Manager to work from home and only come to office for the scrum meet with the client.

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My Weird haircut

The story of my haircut.

Day : June.27, 2011


When in Rome, do as the ROMANS do“. This is a famous saying we have been conversant with since our childhood. The saying goes very true for it has serious repercussions. I have been at the receiving end quite often. I had a hilarious experience last week on Jun.22, 2011.

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My Sketches – Abhilash Gopi

My Sketches – By Abhilash Gopi.

It has been an unusually long time before I have resumed my sketching once again.

I will not be able to put in my sketches which I had undertaken from 1978 onwards to 2001, but I would as and when get it done now.

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