Weight Training – Triceps workout (Arms – II)

Weight Training – Triceps workout (Arms – II)
Tricep is the larger muscle in the arms. Proper development of tricep enhances the girth of the arms, giving you those powerful arms which you always dreamt.

The triceps is comprised of
– Brachailis
– Tricep long head

The commonly used tricep exercises are
1) One arm triceps extension (sitting or standing)
Take the dumbbell in one hand, straighten this arm upwards. Continue reading “Weight Training – Triceps workout (Arms – II)”

Weight Training – Biceps workout (Arms – I)

Weight Training – Biceps workout (Arms – I)
Every man dreams of massive arms and popeye like forearms. The arms comprise the Biceps and Triceps. To add that massive look, it is necessary to have well-developed biceps and triceps too. Most of us concentrate on a particular muscle type, primarily the Biceps and totally ignore the Triceps.

Here are the commonly recommended Biceps routine.

The bicep muscles are developed on a full contraction. This is when the blood rushes into the biceps muscles and promote growth and subsequent repair. Continue reading “Weight Training – Biceps workout (Arms – I)”