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Introduction to Automation

Automation Tools : Session 1.
Introduction To Automation


• Automation is not a replacement of
Manual testing.
• Automation supplements manual

Pros of Automation
• Enables to execute tests repetitively.
• Useful in Regression Testing.
• Much faster, As tests can be run
simultaneously in different machines. Continue reading Introduction to Automation


Automation – QTP

Introduction To QTP

• Recap.
• Features of QTP.
• Descriptive Programming.
• Objects and Their Identification.
• Areas That Can be automated:
• Highly redundant tasks or scenarios.
• Repetitive tasks that are boring or tend to cause human error
• Well-developed and well-understood use cases or scenarios first
• Relatively stable areas of the application over volatile ones must be automated.
• Type of Tests that can be automated.
• Functional -testing that operations perform as expected.
• Regression -testing that the behavior of the system has not changed.
• Exception or Negative -forcing error conditions in the system.
• Performance -providing assurance that the performance of the system will be adequate for both batch runs and online transactions in relation to business projections and requirements. Continue reading Automation – QTP