Daane Daane pe likha hai khane waale ka naam

Goli Goli pe likha hai marne waale ka naam. Daane Daane pe likha hai khane waale ka naam.



The title is a bollywood dialogue made famous by Danny Denzongpa (the North East bad guy) with his perfect rendition.

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Special Skills required for Driving on Kochi (Cochin) roads

Driving on Kochi roads

Date: Mar.09, 2015

It was early morning 9:30 AM. I had promised my friend Yanesh to accompany him to Ernakulam Broadway for getting some items/ goods. Ernakulam Broadway, a market place for everything and anything. We began from the Kakannad area and slowly began driving up towards Ernakulam Broadway. To avoid the traffic and have least resistance, we took the NH towards Vytilla.
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PayCommerce stint at Futsal (The Football extravaganza)

PayCommerce stint at Futsal (The Football extravaganza)

Saturday, Nov.15, 2014

With the ISL packing strength with every match, the fans are growing day by day. We are seeing some world class players in the fray and this has motivated a whole lot to reach back to one of the oldest game in the world. Man has from ages known one thing i.e. to kick. Yes, It all began with a kick to the butt, but now we kick a figurative form of the butt; hmmmm a football.
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