Our Match against EXL-OPI, Goal’12 – Apr.28, 2012.

Our Match against EXL-OPI, Goal’12 – Apr.28, 2012.


Saturday, Apr.28, 2012

This is a Saturday, the first ever time we had a match on Saturday. We always had our matches on Sunday for this tournament Goal’12. It had been raining intermittently for the last two days. On Saturday morning, we were on the CUSAT ground by 7:15 am for our fixture against EXL-OPI. The ground was clogged with water due to the heavy rains the night before. It was slushy and made a giant puddle on the ground. We had no inkling how the teams could play on this ground. I have seen Rugby being played on such grounds at Bombay, and it is fun playing Rugby because we only have to push, stop and run. Football being played in the rain is another turn-on; but this was not either of those. The only thing I could say is that it was impossible to play football on this ground. It was then decided by the organizers to have a penalty shootout and decide the winners of the days play. This was met with strong opposition from the teams since a win in a penalty shootout is all a matter of luck, skill and the mood of the day for the players. This was a fatal combination and nobody wanted to take any chances.

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Goal’12 – Our second league match against ACS – Apr.22, 2012

Goal’12 – Our second league match against ACS – Apr.22, 2012

Sunday, Apr.22, 2012

Today, we had our second match in Goal’12 against ACS. A match we were looking forward to after the luckless loss at the Corporate Sevens League on Thursday. Our team was looking forward to a match with the motto “Do or Die”. In Raj and Rakesh words, “Chataal kuzhapum ella, namal jaykenam….”. It was sounded very clear to the team by Raj and Rakesh.

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Corporate Football League – Olive IT Match vs Chayowo Games – Apr.19, 2012

Corporate Football League – Olive IT Match vs Chayowo Games – Apr.19, 2012

Thursday, Apr.19, 2012.

NSports is organizing a Corporate League as part of sevens premier league where corporate teams will participate and compete to showcase their football skills. Olive IT participatedĀ  in the first ever Corporate Sevens League with our first match on Thursday, Apr.19, 2012. We played against “Chayowo Games”.

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Goal 2012, Infopark Football extravaganza – Our First Match – Apr.01, 2012

Goal 2012, Infopark Football extravaganza – Our First Match


A new dawn in the history of Olive IT. It is the first time we are participating in a sports event with a representation from Olive IT. Yes, I am talking about the Goal-12, a football event organized by UST. It is also the first time that companies in the Infopark, Kochi have ventured out to have a sports event of this magnitude.

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