Database System Concepts – Part I

Teaches you the concepts on Database systems

Database Systems – Part I (General Concepts)

  • In an enterprise level, we say that DBMS comprises the following

–      Collection of interrelated data

–      Set of programs to access the data

–      An appropriate environment to the end-user to access the data and this environment should be convenient and efficient to use. Continue reading “Database System Concepts – Part I”

Database Testing – Need and How to?

Why database testing is required?

Why Database testing is required?

It is important to test the DATA ACCESS layer, since it is the interface between the front end and the DB.

The traditional testing always focused on the FRONT END/ GUI and the DATA ACCESS layer was ignored.

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SQL Query Optimization Techniques and Tips

SQL Query Optimization Techniques and Tips.

SQL Query Optimization Tips

The most important part and parcel of a Database management system is the SQL. It will differ from product to product. Given below are some tips on how to write a well optimized query and avoid performance bottlenecks.

Primary verification of the SQL.

1)       The SQL query will need to be verified by two parameters

  1. The SQL returns the appropriate results.
  2. The SQL adequately addresses the issues of optimization and efficiency. Continue reading “SQL Query Optimization Techniques and Tips”