QTP – Accessing SQL Server for automation test needs

QTP – Accessing SQL Server for automation test needs

Here’s the script that will enable you to connect to SQL Server Database and carry out basic functional tests.

Enhance the script as you may deem fit to cater to your testing needs. All the best.
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Creating a Keyword Driven Test Automation Framework

Automation Testing Framework model (Keyword driven)

Test Automation Framework.

With increased effort being directed to automation; it is equally important to know that to be successful and efficient necessiates for some basic infrastructure in place. The importance of an automation framework gets prime focus if you are planning to embark on a full-fledged automation effort. However creating an automation framework does not come on a platter. A huge effort does goes in to identify the scenarios and the reusability nature of the various components within the framework model.

It is equally important to know the specific operations that could synergically combine and work together to generate the final result. Continue reading “Creating a Keyword Driven Test Automation Framework”

QTP Database Testing : Connecting to an Access database and executing a query

Executing query in MS-Access through QTP

QTP Database Testing : Connecting to an Access database and executing a query

One of the most intriguing and challenging tasks for a tester is to conduct a Database test and verify the query and the related outcome. It surely needs extensive knowledge on executing the underlying queries and verifying its correctness based on a host of parameters. The most important aspect is the correctness of the query and the optimized nature. This requires good knowledge in query writing, understanding the intricacies of the Database. Continue reading “QTP Database Testing : Connecting to an Access database and executing a query”

Automation – QTP Tips

Software Automation, QTP

Automation – QTP related tips. 
Sureshot things you should remember

. Used to refer to the Page

• Browser(“micClass:=Browser”) Used to refer to the Browser object • Page(“micClass:=Page”)

. Used to refer to a textfield

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Launch QTP through VBScript

Software Automation, VBScript, QTP

VBScript – Launch QTPAn update to our QTP knowledge. What I have below is a script that will enable the user to automatically open QTP and run the desired QTP function that could be coded within a vbs script.


Here is the script.
You can use this script to launch QTP automatically and run the scripts anytime from any place. No need to copy the scripts into your machine at all.

‘ This is a base function to launch QTP automatically and run the desired functions.
Dim qtApp ‘ defines the object to invoke the application through late binding technique
‘ To set the QTP late binding object. This object will be used to invoke the application QTP and associate a late binding connection to it. Continue reading “Launch QTP through VBScript”

Introduction to Automation

Software Automation, automation

Automation Tools : Session 1.
Introduction To Automation


• Automation is not a replacement of
Manual testing.
• Automation supplements manual

Pros of Automation
• Enables to execute tests repetitively.
• Useful in Regression Testing.
• Much faster, As tests can be run
simultaneously in different machines. Continue reading “Introduction to Automation”

Automation – QTP

Software Automation, QTP

Introduction To QTP

• Recap.
• Features of QTP.
• Descriptive Programming.
• Objects and Their Identification.
• Areas That Can be automated:
• Highly redundant tasks or scenarios.
• Repetitive tasks that are boring or tend to cause human error
• Well-developed and well-understood use cases or scenarios first
• Relatively stable areas of the application over volatile ones must be automated.
• Type of Tests that can be automated.
• Functional -testing that operations perform as expected.
• Regression -testing that the behavior of the system has not changed.
• Exception or Negative -forcing error conditions in the system.
• Performance -providing assurance that the performance of the system will be adequate for both batch runs and online transactions in relation to business projections and requirements. Continue reading “Automation – QTP”