About Me

Abhilash Gopi

I am Abhilash Gopi, an eccentric creature on earth and created so by the Almighty.

Hey there!!! I am really very eccentric as my blogname suggests. Wanna get a dose of eccentricity. C’mon.

Welcome to the eccentric place of Abhilash. |
Welcome to the Eccentric Place. |
Such a lovely place, such a lovely place. |
Plenty of room at this eccentric place. |
You can check out anytime you like but you can never leave. |

A place for Software Testing basics, Health Tips and Weight Training tips.

Occupation : Working to enforce better softwares

Hobbies : Painting, Sketching, Poetry, Aero Modelling, Reading, Fitness Freak, Palmistry, Graphology, BreakDancin.

To know me better, read through this. Back from the dead…

Positive Traits : Emotional, Loving, Intuitive, Imaginative (the reason for my various hobbies), Protective, Sympathetic.

Negative Traits: Cautious, Protective, Moody.

Beware of : My anger (It’s out of the world, but there is a flipside. I have loads ‘n’ loads of patience, so my blowing the cork is a rare phenomenon. Cheer up!!!).

Dislike most : Selfishness, Dishonesty, Bragging, Snobbishness.

Likes most : Originality (being true to oneself) and humility.

Ultimate Fitness Health Club
Ultimate Fitness Health Club

7 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Hi Abhu,
    I was desperately searching you all over internet. Finally I typed your name as Abhilash Gopi today in Google and tried my luck. Beleive me I got your website for QTP.

    Hope you remember me. We had worked together in Nasik, Aptech.

    How are you dear?


  2. Hi Abhu,

    I was so much impressed by your site that i have also gone ahead and created my webpage in wordpress. But I have not added any stuffs onto it. I am currently working in Wipro Technologies Kochi. Hope if we could meet each other once again.
    my email address: varghese.ajit@gmail.com.

    I will wait for your email.


  3. Abhi…nice blog yaar…liked it..loads of materials..i will bookmark ur blog and go thru the weekend…quite a list of hobbies u got i must say 🙂


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