A love poem called “Esctasy”

love poem “Esctasy”


My Love, Thou’re to me, My loving beloved
My darling dear, you deserve to be loved,
Close to me, in my arms, I wish to hold you
and all my life, love you, only you.

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Performance Testing – How to measure and optimize PageLoad

Performance testing guidelines for measuring and optimizing web page loads.

Performance Testing – PageLoad Time.

With every business wanting to make their presence felt on the web, it is a rush for having an application on the web. It could include simple one page applications, complex applications, applications to reap in users and thereby profits, applications rich in embedded images and so on.

With so many applications on the Net, it is equally important to have them optimized and efficient. Every user logs onto the net, hoping to spend less time with maximum and fruitful search yields. It is therefore essential that your website, web application, webpage loads within a realistic time period. This will enable the user to stay onto your site and know more about your products and services. Continue reading “Performance Testing – How to measure and optimize PageLoad”