Creating a Keyword Driven Test Automation Framework

Automation Testing Framework model (Keyword driven)

Test Automation Framework.

With increased effort being directed to automation; it is equally important to know that to be successful and efficient necessiates for some basic infrastructure in place. The importance of an automation framework gets prime focus if you are planning to embark on a full-fledged automation effort. However creating an automation framework does not come on a platter. A huge effort does goes in to identify the scenarios and the reusability nature of the various components within the framework model.

It is equally important to know the specific operations that could synergically combine and work together to generate the final result. Continue reading “Creating a Keyword Driven Test Automation Framework”

Automation – QTP Tips

Software Automation, QTP

Automation – QTP related tips. 
Sureshot things you should remember

. Used to refer to the Page

• Browser(“micClass:=Browser”) Used to refer to the Browser object • Page(“micClass:=Page”)

. Used to refer to a textfield

Object • WebEdit(“name:=txtAssertion”)   Continue reading “Automation – QTP Tips”