Website – Testing Cookies

Website Cookies – Testing
Abhilash Gopi
Dated : 6th Mar., 2008.

– Most web applications generate a cookie.
– Cookie- also referred to as the HTTP Cookie.
– Are parcels of text sent by a server to a web browser and are sent back unchanged by the browser each time it accesses the server.

Why are cookies used?
– Used for authenticating, tracking, and maintaining specific information about users. (typically site preference).
– It was first associated with the Unix computing and was called “magic cookie”.

The flip side– There are a lot of concerns as regards cookies.
– It has been the subject of debate for “Internet Privacy”.
– A hacker could create an application with cookies designed to know more about the user’s browsing behavior. Continue reading “Website – Testing Cookies”

Technical – Automation

Automation – QTP related tips.

Sureshot things you should remember

• Browser(“micClass:=Browser”) Used to refer to the Browser object • Page(“micClas:=Page”)

Used to refer to the Page

Object • WebEdit(“name:=txtAssertion”) Used to refer to a textfield • Eg Browser(“micClass:=Browser”).Page(“micClass:=Page”).WebEdit(“name:=ne wDescription”) Is used to refer to the textfield “newDescription” on the current page within the current browser. • To check the existence of the textfield Browser(“micClass:=Browser”).Page(“micClass:=Page”).WebEdit(“name:=ne wDescription”).exist

To set the value of the textfield to “Abhilash”
Browser(“micClass:=Browser”).Page(“micClass:=Page”).WebEdit(“name:=ne wDescription”).Set “Abhilash”

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