Beginning with Selenium 3.0 Automation – Part II (Basics of Selenium)

Beginning with Selenium 3.0 Automation – Part II (Basics of Selenium)


Now that you are conversant with the general idea about automation and have already decided to make the grade in carrying out an automation test, we will discuss the most preferred and used OpenSource automation testing tool – Selenium.

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Automation – QTP Tips

Software Automation, QTP

Automation – QTP related tips. 
Sureshot things you should remember

. Used to refer to the Page

• Browser(“micClass:=Browser”) Used to refer to the Browser object • Page(“micClass:=Page”)

. Used to refer to a textfield

Object • WebEdit(“name:=txtAssertion”)   Continue reading “Automation – QTP Tips”

Introduction to Automation

Software Automation, automation

Automation Tools : Session 1.
Introduction To Automation


• Automation is not a replacement of
Manual testing.
• Automation supplements manual

Pros of Automation
• Enables to execute tests repetitively.
• Useful in Regression Testing.
• Much faster, As tests can be run
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Automation – QTP

Software Automation, QTP

Introduction To QTP

• Recap.
• Features of QTP.
• Descriptive Programming.
• Objects and Their Identification.
• Areas That Can be automated:
• Highly redundant tasks or scenarios.
• Repetitive tasks that are boring or tend to cause human error
• Well-developed and well-understood use cases or scenarios first
• Relatively stable areas of the application over volatile ones must be automated.
• Type of Tests that can be automated.
• Functional -testing that operations perform as expected.
• Regression -testing that the behavior of the system has not changed.
• Exception or Negative -forcing error conditions in the system.
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