Manohar Aich, The doyen of Indian Bodybuilding

Manohar Aich, The doyen of Indian Bodybuilding

Manohar Aich, Mr. Universe, 1952
Manohar Aich, Mr. Universe, 1952

Bodybuilding, the sport that is long ignored and misunderstood in India. Manohar Aich, The second Mr. Universe from India who won it in the year 1952 is no more (The first being Monotosh Roy in 1951). He passed away on Jun.05, 2016 at the ripe old age of 104. He had been the inspiration behind number of promising Bodybuilders from India, who have gone ahead and reached great heights in Bodybuilding. Notable among them are PremChand Dogra, Satya Pal and countless others. I am one of the privileged few who met this legend and learnt the intricacies and fine techniques of Bodybuilding.

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Motivation and perseverence to keep your fitness

Motivation and perseverence to keep your fitness.

Folks!!! It surely is a pain to keep your fitness at the best. It is a daily grind of workout, that soon becomes monotonous and boring. Unless you are a bodybuilder, where we have different training methods and routines which enables you to break the monotony; it is really boring for a general fitness enthusiast.

How do you keep up the motivation?

Motivation : (Definition 1)
The definition of motivation is to give reason, incentive, enthusiasm, or interest that causes a specific action or certain behavior.

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