Ancient Indian warfare and Wars

Ancient Indian warfare and Wars

As I put down a few lines and sketches on the great World Wars; I thought it fit to also highlight the ancient Indian Kings and the wars fought by them. How did they steamroll their enemies, and expand their great empires.

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Peace on the Earth



Monday, May.23, 2016

After a nice weekend, we are back to Monday. This Monday was no different, since we all have the typical Monday blues of pulling off from the family on the weekends and throwing outselves into the hectic schedule for the week. The only thing in mind is the work schedule and what lay in store for us within the depths of countless emails. It was surely one such day. Before getting into the office, I spend my time at the Gym for my HIT workout and picked up a dear friend Pratheesh who accompanied me.
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Brasil World Cup 2014 – Kickoff at PayCommerce

Brasil World Cup 2014 – Kickoff at PayCommerce

Go Go Go Go Gol…..

The synchronous chant from the crazy fans reverberate the air heavy with excitement and fanatism. Yes, It is a moment in the craziest, fanatical, exciting game ever, Football aka Soccer. The Brasil World Cup 2014 fever is catching fast and taking everybody off their feet. Nothing can stop the excitement which is here to stay for a breathtaking month and the tremors will stay with us for a long time.

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Goal’14 – Our second match – Against EY

Sunday, April.06, 2014


Sunday, when the whole of Kochi is lazing off on this day, we had our second match against EY at 9 in the morning. As I indicated in the earlier writing that most of our loss in transfers have been to EY and we did lose a lot in this transfer. This was evident with serious repercussions as seen in the match today.

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Goal’14 – Corporate Football League – Our first game as PayCommerce

Saturday, April.06, 2014

The cycle goes back full circle to the day, yet another Saturday. The date was April.28, 2012. This Saturday too, we lost the match against a tough opponent EXL-OPI. Today, we lost to a bigger opponent, Cognizant.

Yes, I am talking about the Goal’14, the UST organized Football extravaganza for the Corporate staff…
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