From the jaws of death

From the jaws of death

Well Folks, you might have wondered about what do I mean by being from the jaws of death. To put it in short, God gave me a new lease of life. Maybe the good deeds of my parents, my fore-fathers and my friends tilted the balance in my favor.

In the year 1999, I was working with the firm “Silverline Technologies” in Bombay. It was October 29, Friday. I left office at 21:45 and was supposed to leave for home at Nasik. I boarded a bus from Dadar at 23:15. I was seated in the second last row to the right, adjacent to the window seat. As was my habit, I would never sleep in a journey. I would spend my time observing the people, the surroundings and definitely; listening to my favorite music on my portable walkman. This night, I decided to listen to the mid-60’s old rock band “Doors” of the legendary “Jim Morrison”. Continue reading

Sheejan and Abhilash Nambiar getting a fright of their lives. (Hilarious)

Sheejan and Abhilash Nambiar getting a fright of their lives. (Hilarious)


Day : Monday, Jun.27, 2016

Monday, a day that gives any of us the morning blues because it is the day we return back to School and to Work after the mind boggling, freak-out weekend. Incidently, it was a different day to remember for my chums Abhilash Nambiar and Sheejan. They have been working with me on my project since the last 4+ years and have been with me for quite long.
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Manohar Aich, The doyen of Indian Bodybuilding

Manohar Aich, The doyen of Indian Bodybuilding

Manohar Aich, Mr. Universe, 1952
Manohar Aich, Mr. Universe, 1952

Bodybuilding, the sport that is long ignored and misunderstood in India. Manohar Aich, The second Mr. Universe from India who won it in the year 1952 is no more (The first being Monotosh Roy in 1951). He passed away on Jun.05, 2016 at the ripe old age of 104. He had been the inspiration behind number of promising Bodybuilders from India, who have gone ahead and reached great heights in Bodybuilding. Notable among them are PremChand Dogra, Satya Pal and countless others. I am one of the privileged few who met this legend and learnt the intricacies and fine techniques of Bodybuilding.
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Peace on the Earth



Monday, May.23, 2016

After a nice weekend, we are back to Monday. This Monday was no different, since we all have the typical Monday blues of pulling off from the family on the weekends and throwing outselves into the hectic schedule for the week. The only thing in mind is the work schedule and what lay in store for us within the depths of countless emails. It was surely one such day. Before getting into the office, I spend my time at the Gym for my HIT workout and picked up a dear friend Pratheesh who accompanied me.
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Football – Corporate Champions League, Winners 2015

Football – Corporate Champions League, Winners 2015

Dated : Dec.21, 2015

After a long and brief stint on the match updates for Soccer, we have a wonderful News for all of you. As usual being held every year now in InfoPark for the last few years; the Corporate Champions League for Soccer took place on the 19th and 20th of December, 2015. The weekend was abuzz with a lot of activity and heartening news for PayCommerce. With the news of the Corporate Champions League being received by us for InfoPark, the die-hard crazy fans and well-wishers of the game took up the task of participating in the League. They quickly pooled in the money required to register for the Tournament. That was Goal # 1 and we got it in.’

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QA Complete – Setting up the Configuration for your Automation Scripts

QA Complete – Setting up the Configuration for your Automation Scripts.


It has always been a bane of Test Managers to manage their work and track it successfully. QA Complete, Test Link, ALM are some of the tools available to cater to such tedious functions of managing the complete set of test cases, and executing them successfully.

QA Complete provides the following benefits and ensures a complete and comprehensive set of test management capabilities. Besides this, it also promises a great delivery on centralized reporting across all aspects of testing; be it Manual or Automated testing.

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A tribute to our honorable President, APJ Abdul Kalam

A tribute to our honorable President, APJ Abdul Kalam

With his passing away, he has left a unimaginable and unfathomable void, which will never be filled in judiciously in the coming generations. We all love him as our Abdul Kalam, for he ruled our hearts as a warm, humble and simple being.

A few lines, I wrote for one of the greatest persons; India has ever seen and experienced.

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