From the jaws of death

From the jaws of death

Well Folks, you might have wondered about what do I mean by being from the jaws of death. To put it in short, God gave me a new lease of life. Maybe the good deeds of my parents, my fore-fathers and my friends tilted the balance in my favor.

In the year 1999, I was working with the firm “Silverline Technologies” in Bombay. It was October 29, Friday. I left office at 21:45 and was supposed to leave for home at Nasik. I boarded a bus from Dadar at 23:15. I was seated in the second last row to the right, adjacent to the window seat. As was my habit, I would never sleep in a journey. I would spend my time observing the people, the surroundings and definitely; listening to my favorite music on my portable walkman. This night, I decided to listen to the mid-60’s old rock band “Doors” of the legendary “Jim Morrison”. Continue reading From the jaws of death

Our Heritage Temple – The Big Tanjavur temple

Our Heritage Temple – The Big Tanjavur temple

Onam Vacations. My kids are excited to make the most of the vacations this time. As part of  the outing, we planned a visit to the Tanjavur temple in Tamil Nadu. It was in addition to the visit to National College, Trichy for my wife’s (Bindu V.A) research in Mathematics courtesy through Ma’am Manju Somanath; who is a mathematics faculty at this college and a big contributor to Mathematics research.

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Body Building – The Chest Workout

Body Building – The Chest Workout

The Chest is comprised of two major muscles

  •  Pectoralis major
  •  Pectoralis minor.

Most of the exercises primarily target the Pectoralis major muscles. The commonly recommended exercises are

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Workout Tips – Weight Training

Health is Wealth. Exercises in any form, light or heavy, aerobic or anaerobic, isotonic or isometric will greatly benefit your body and provide you preventive measures for problems that normally befall us.

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Coffee Powder Sketches – Jesus

Coffee Powder Sketches – Jesus


A welcome break, I had and spend some time alone. A big stress reliever and immediately, I followed my instincts to spend a few minutes and do a sketch or two. It was the week following the Easter and the topic vivid in my mind – Jesus.

“Okay, so let me do a couple-a-sketches of Jesus”. Is what I thought to myself and is for you to see.

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Coffee Powder Sketches/ Paintings

Coffee Powder Sketches

Hey Folks, I am back with another series of Coffee powder paintings.

With my work eating into my nights, I thought it best to refresh myself with a few paintings. 3 nights of work helped me put in a few minutes to create quick sketches.

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New Year, 2019 wishes to you all.

New Year Wishes for a successful 2019


Now that we are on the threshold of a new beginning towards a more successful 2019; it’s time to take in new perspectives, new goals and new aspirations.


Here’s me wishing you and your family a great and Happy New Year, 2019.

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Coffee Powder Sketches – A few…

Coffee Powder Sketches – A few…


Hey Folks!!! I’m back to my ways, sketching in my free time as before. For my old timer friends, this would not come as a surprise, but aaaah yes, it will be a new face for my new friends.

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