From the jaws of death

From the jaws of death

Well Folks, you might have wondered about what do I mean by being from the jaws of death. To put it in short, God gave me a new lease of life. Maybe the good deeds of my parents, my fore-fathers and my friends tilted the balance in my favor.

In the year 1999, I was working with the firm “Silverline Technologies” in Bombay. It was October 29, Friday. I left office at 21:45 and was supposed to leave for home at Nasik. I boarded a bus from Dadar at 23:15. I was seated in the second last row to the right, adjacent to the window seat. As was my habit, I would never sleep in a journey. I would spend my time observing the people, the surroundings and definitely; listening to my favorite music on my portable walkman. This night, I decided to listen to the mid-60’s old rock band “Doors” of the legendary “Jim Morrison”. Continue reading “From the jaws of death”

Being Positive… In trying times…

Being Positive… In trying times…
We have always been flooded with loads and loads of messages, proverbs and sayings for being positive and bringing in positivity; in turn looking for better opportunities. I guess, this is what motivates us to give that little extra, to take that little extra risk, to go all out and bring a change in our lives.

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More Coffee Powder Sketches…

Coffee Powder Sketches…


Got a few minutes during my weekend and the last week and got going on one of my favorite past times. Coffee Powder Sketches…

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Tanhaji – The unsung warrior. A tribute to the glorious Maratha Empire.

Tanhaji – The unsung Warrior finally hit the screens and is going great guns; just like the guns of the yore Maratha Kingdom. I saw the movie over the weekend and I have been smitten by it.

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Homes Razed. Government fails…

The Government fails…

Kerala, thy name for a country
called as God’s own country,
Ain’t no special country
cause, Thy has no rules for a country.

In the news, for reasons,
when homes were razed, for no reasons,
and the people, who know not, why
and the reasons given, They were high in the sky.

Buildings built, not conforming to regulations,
where Builders and Officials, made money outside regulations,
Selling prime land, where construction was forbidden
and the place was taken and bidden.

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