Tips to Testers – Relevance of Test Data

Tester tips to effectively use relevant test data

Tips to Testers – Relevance of Test Data 

To understand the relevance of Test Data for effective testing,  we need to know the following.
(a) Testing
(b) Test cases
(c) Test Data.

Testing : A typical definition for testing goes like this. “Testing is the process of executing a program with the intent of finding errors“. Continue reading “Tips to Testers – Relevance of Test Data”

Using HP – Quality Center for Effective Testing

Writing test cases for Quality Center (effective testing)

 Using Quality Center for effective testing.


What is Testing?

In the software development life cycle, we find that testing is an important and integral part. Most people are of the view that testing phase can only be initiated for testing once the code is ready. They are wrong!!!


Testing will in fact be initiated from the requirements gathering phase until the stage when the product goes live. i.e. into production.


Phases in Software Development
Phases in Software Development

Let’s see the set of documents that aid testing during the various phases of software development.



With the onus on testing to deliver quality products, it became necessary to have a set of documents that are manageable and make sense to the development community. In comes various tools that will aid the testing and development community to track these documents. These tools manage all the testing activities and provide different kinds of reports.

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Writing Test Cases for Security Test (Role Based).

writing complete security test cases

Writing Test Cases for Security Test (Role Based).

What is a test case?

In software engineering, a product/ application is to be tested by exercising all possible combinations of features and inputs. In order to define a test case, we can say “It is a set of conditions or combination of variables under which a tester/ engineer will identify whether the application under test is working correctly or not”.

A single test case will not however verify that the application is working as desired. It will take numerous test cases for execution before we say that the application features are working correctly.

The typical set of test cases that are commonly used to test a particular application are Continue reading “Writing Test Cases for Security Test (Role Based).”