PayCommerce brilliant against VI Point Solutions – Goal’15

Saturday, Apr. 25, 2015 PayCommerce brilliant against VI Point Solutions – Goal’15 With already a loss in the first league game for us in Goal’15; we came back with a never before seen energy and motivation. We had to win this game by a margin of atleast 4-0 to make it to the top ofContinue reading “PayCommerce brilliant against VI Point Solutions – Goal’15”

PayCommerce loss to NeST – Goal’15

Saturday, Apr.11, 2015 PayCommerce loss to NeST – Goal’15 With the heat catching up in Goal’15 (the InfoPark football extravaganza), PayCommerce had a crucial match against NeST coming into the League games. A match we could not afford to lose. I made it to the ground for the match and the PayCommerce team was justContinue reading “PayCommerce loss to NeST – Goal’15”

Goal 2015 – Match update (PayCommerce with Kreata Global)

Goal 2015 – Match update (PayCommerce with Kreata Global) Sunday, Mar.29, 2015 With a win the previous day against Zerone Consulting, we were raring to go in the next game. The game began with the customary hiccups normally associated with our team and with a few supporters on the ground. As seen in the lastContinue reading “Goal 2015 – Match update (PayCommerce with Kreata Global)”

Goal 2015 – Match Update (PayCommerce with Zerone Consulting)

Goal 2015 – Match Update (PayCommerce with Zerone Consulting) Saturday, Mar.28, 2015 Hey Folks!!! We are back with this year’s Goal-2015 edition. With mixed success last year and surely with superlative performances in patches; this year we are back with more firepower and more conviction.

PayCommerce again with our own Usain Bolt (Sandeep “Bolt” Menon)

PayCommerce again with our own Sandeep “Bolt” Menon Saturday, Nov.15, 2014 Hey, Remember the last blog I put across for the Futsal Football competition and our PayCommerce team making its way to the top 3 amongst 32 teams. It sure was a big achievement for us.

PayCommerce stint at Futsal (The Football extravaganza)

PayCommerce stint at Futsal (The Football extravaganza) Saturday, Nov.15, 2014 With the ISL packing strength with every match, the fans are growing day by day. We are seeing some world class players in the fray and this has motivated a whole lot to reach back to one of the oldest game in the world. ManContinue reading “PayCommerce stint at Futsal (The Football extravaganza)”

PayCommerce Carrom’s League (Aug.04, 2014 to Aug.13, 2014)

PayCommerce Carrom’s League (Aug.04, 2014 to Aug.13, 2014) We at PayCommerce played an event with a different perspective. No longer commitments to Clients on this event. No plan, No stress, No tension, that’s what we did. It was a game on an altogether different plane. A flat plane where the Black and White coins skidContinue reading “PayCommerce Carrom’s League (Aug.04, 2014 to Aug.13, 2014)”

PayCommerce Team Name and Logo face-off

PayCommerce Team Name and Logo face-off The day, Tuesday. The date, Jul.08, 2014 The time, 03:30 PM IST The entire office was waiting for the results to be out. Yes, the results for the Team Name and Logo face-off competition.

Brasil World Cup 2014 – Kickoff at PayCommerce

Brasil World Cup 2014 – Kickoff at PayCommerce Go Go Go Go Gol….. The synchronous chant from the crazy fans reverberate the air heavy with excitement and fanatism. Yes, It is a moment in the craziest, fanatical, exciting game ever, Football aka Soccer. The Brasil World Cup 2014 fever is catching fast and taking everybodyContinue reading “Brasil World Cup 2014 – Kickoff at PayCommerce”

Goal’14 – Our second match – Against EY

Sunday, April.06, 2014   Sunday, when the whole of Kochi is lazing off on this day, we had our second match against EY at 9 in the morning. As I indicated in the earlier writing that most of our loss in transfers have been to EY and we did lose a lot in this transfer.Continue reading “Goal’14 – Our second match – Against EY”