Champions League Final – 2009 (FootBall).

Football Champions League Final – 2009 between Barcelona and Manchester United.

Champions League Final – 2009.

A night to remember for football fans. Two of the best teams, one from the English Premier League and the other from the Spanish League “Spanish La Liga”. It was enough to provide the much needed fireworks when the titans would clash, but the match hopelessly turned out to be one-sided with the talented Samuel Et’o and wizard Lionel Messi turning the match Barcelona’s way.

Barcelona won 2 – 0. The scoreline suggests it all. Continue reading “Champions League Final – 2009 (FootBall).”

A typical physical fitness routine you can do at home.

Physical fitness routine you can do at home.

A typical physical fitness regimen.

Physical Fitness“. The term itself conveys a series of confused thoughts to many out there. For some, it means having the Greek God physique with muscular powerful looks. For some, it means flexibility, endurance, agility and so on.

It is not necessary to go to a Gym or a boxing class to get a good physique. You can do these routines at home and ensure a general fitness.

In one of my earlier blogs, I had mentioned about PUSHUPS as one of the best exercises for a great upper body. For those, who detest these demanding routines, here’s one that you can do within the confines of your home. Continue reading “A typical physical fitness routine you can do at home.”

CMDN Cricket News Update from | CMDN

Cricket, News Update,, CMDN

Exclusive Cricket News Update from | CMDN

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Calculate the calorie expended for your favorite physical activity.

Calorie calculator, favorite physical activity, energy expended, Physical fitness

Hey folks!!!

Wanna know what kinda fitness activity works best for you and your health.

Here’s the Calorie Calculator. Just follow the link and find out the energy you expend for your most favorite physical activity.

There you go.
and click the link “Calorie Calculator”.

CMDN Hot Jobs – Aggregated from around the web.

CMDN Hot Jobs, Your Job.

CMDN HOT JOBS aggregated from around the web. (Hot Jobs Widget)

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Sharmila’s wedding – The 10th of May, 2009.

The 10th of May, 2009.

10th of May, 2009 (Sharmila’s wedding) – An unforgettable day for me, Seji and Prajith.

It has been days of planning for Sharmila’s wedding. Planning among the QA and the past QA staff, to ensure that they are present for the wedding of the smallest and sharpest member of the QA team. I started my planning from Monday, the 4th of May. I planned to get my family for the wedding and also extend this marriage trip to include other small pleasure tours for my kids. As usual I planned it out and was expecting a couple of guys from the QA team to join me. I wanted Sreeram and Joji to join me so that they could direct me on the route and the alternatives if needed. Sreeram was playing around the bush and did not give me a definite reply. I wondered why? It would be days before I realized the reason for this. Continue reading “Sharmila’s wedding – The 10th of May, 2009.”

Weight Training Exercises – Open up a new world.

Exercises, weight training, health, physical fitness

Weight Training Exercises – Open up a new world.

Many of us might at one time or the other faced serious health problems, which arises due to neglect of your body. This has detrimental effects in the long run. Exercises in any form, light or heavy, aerobic or anaerobic, isotonic or isometric will greatly benefit your body and provide you preventive measures that normally befall us.

I will be explaining various techniques and forms of exercises, which you can inculcate into your system and benefit from the same. Techniques will be explained in detail for exercise forms such as Weight Training, Yoga, Aerobics. Continue reading “Weight Training Exercises – Open up a new world.”

Pushups – The best allround exercise for your upper body.

Pushups, Exercises, Physical fitness, Upper body workout

Pushups – The best allround exercise for the upper body.

Pushups. Each one of us has at some point of time atleast attempted it once. Some of us have gone further and made it a part and parcel of our exercise regimen.

A typical position for pushups.
A typical position for pushups.


Benefits of Pushups

Yes, Pushups in one of the few exercises which works out the upper body in its entirety. The entire set of muscle groups are involved in this exercise. Nearly all the armies in the world have incorporated pushups into the routines for their fighting men. It gives flexibility, strength, overall power to the men. Continue reading “Pushups – The best allround exercise for your upper body.”