Homes Razed. Government fails…

The Government fails… Kerala, thy name for a country called as God’s own country, Ain’t no special country cause, Thy has no rules for a country. In the news, for reasons, when homes were razed, for no reasons, and the people, who know not, why and the reasons given, They were high in the sky.Continue reading “Homes Razed. Government fails…”

Merry Christmas wishes and a poem

Merry Christmas wishes and a poem to all   Ahoy, T ‘is Christmas time Calling us, Gotta hear the Christmas Chimes, Beckoning to have a great time And revel in the fun time. The carols, melodious to our ears, At this time of the year, Lightening our hearts with joy It’s time for all toContinue reading “Merry Christmas wishes and a poem”

A tribute to our honorable President, APJ Abdul Kalam

A tribute to our honorable President, APJ Abdul Kalam With his passing away, he has left a unimaginable and unfathomable void, which will never be filled in judiciously in the coming generations. We all love him as our Abdul Kalam, for he ruled our hearts as a warm, humble and simple being. A few lines,Continue reading “A tribute to our honorable President, APJ Abdul Kalam”