Homes Razed. Government fails…

The Government fails… Kerala, thy name for a country called as God’s own country, Ain’t no special country cause, Thy has no rules for a country. In the news, for reasons, when homes were razed, for no reasons, and the people, who know not, why and the reasons given, They were high in the sky.Continue reading “Homes Razed. Government fails…”

Manohar Aich, The doyen of Indian Bodybuilding

Manohar Aich, The doyen of Indian Bodybuilding Bodybuilding, the sport that is long ignored and misunderstood in India. Manohar Aich, The second Mr. Universe from India who won it in the year 1952 is no more (The first being Monotosh Roy in 1951). He passed away on Jun.05, 2016 at the ripe old age ofContinue reading “Manohar Aich, The doyen of Indian Bodybuilding”

Special Skills required for Driving on Kochi (Cochin) roads

Driving on Kochi roads Date: Mar.09, 2015 It was early morning 9:30 AM. I had promised my friend Yanesh to accompany him to Ernakulam Broadway for getting some items/ goods. Ernakulam Broadway, a market place for everything and anything. We began from the Kakannad area and slowly began driving up towards Ernakulam Broadway. To avoidContinue reading “Special Skills required for Driving on Kochi (Cochin) roads”

Chinese Fishing nets (Cheena vala) of Cochin

Chinese Fishing nets (Cheena vala) of Cochin, Fort Kochi The Chinese fishing nets (Cheena vala) is a common sight along the coast of Cochin, typically Fort Kochi. These were introduced by the Chinese explorer Zheng He.