Champions PayCommerce wins the Goal 2017, The Corporate Cup Soccer League.

Champions PayCommerce wins the Goal 2017, Corporate Cup Soccer League.

Soccer” regarded as one of the most popular game over the world.

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Football – Corporate Champions League, Winners 2015

Football – Corporate Champions League, Winners 2015

Dated : Dec.21, 2015

After a long and brief stint on the match updates for Soccer, we have a wonderful News for all of you. As usual being held every year now in InfoPark for the last few years; the Corporate Champions League for Soccer took place on the 19th and 20th of December, 2015. The weekend was abuzz with a lot of activity and heartening news for PayCommerce. With the news of the Corporate Champions League being received by us for InfoPark, the die-hard crazy fans and well-wishers of the game took up the task of participating in the League. They quickly pooled in the money required to register for the Tournament. That was Goal # 1 and we got it in.’

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PayCommerce loss to NeST – Goal’15

Saturday, Apr.11, 2015

PayCommerce loss to NeST – Goal’15

With the heat catching up in Goal’15 (the InfoPark football extravaganza), PayCommerce had a crucial match against NeST coming into the League games. A match we could not afford to lose. I made it to the ground for the match and the PayCommerce team was just getting into the mode for playing. The team readied up and had a few stint with the ball.

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Goal 2015 – Match update (PayCommerce with Kreata Global)

Goal 2015 – Match update (PayCommerce with Kreata Global)

Sunday, Mar.29, 2015

With a win the previous day against Zerone Consulting, we were raring to go in the next game. The game began with the customary hiccups normally associated with our team and with a few supporters on the ground. As seen in the last round, Kreata Global too had a large backup of players to let the players roll on effortlessly. It was the tight situation for us. With just 2 players to roll on, we had to walk the tightrope every game.

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Goal’14 – Our second match – Against EY

Sunday, April.06, 2014


Sunday, when the whole of Kochi is lazing off on this day, we had our second match against EY at 9 in the morning. As I indicated in the earlier writing that most of our loss in transfers have been to EY and we did lose a lot in this transfer. This was evident with serious repercussions as seen in the match today.


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Goal’14 – Corporate Football League – Our first game as PayCommerce

Saturday, April.06, 2014

The cycle goes back full circle to the day, yet another Saturday. The date was April.28, 2012. This Saturday too, we lost the match against a tough opponent EXL-OPI. Today, we lost to a bigger opponent, Cognizant.

Yes, I am talking about the Goal’14, the UST organized Football extravaganza for the Corporate staff…

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Goal’12 – Our second league match against ACS – Apr.22, 2012

Goal’12 – Our second league match against ACS – Apr.22, 2012

Sunday, Apr.22, 2012

Today, we had our second match in Goal’12 against ACS. A match we were looking forward to after the luckless loss at the Corporate Sevens League on Thursday. Our team was looking forward to a match with the motto “Do or Die”. In Raj and Rakesh words, “Chataal kuzhapum ella, namal jaykenam….”. It was sounded very clear to the team by Raj and Rakesh.

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Corporate Football League – Olive IT Match vs Chayowo Games – Apr.19, 2012

Corporate Football League – Olive IT Match vs Chayowo Games – Apr.19, 2012

Thursday, Apr.19, 2012.

NSports is organizing a Corporate League as part of sevens premier league where corporate teams will participate and compete to showcase their football skills. Olive IT participated  in the first ever Corporate Sevens League with our first match on Thursday, Apr.19, 2012. We played against “Chayowo Games”.

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Goal 2012, Infopark Football extravaganza – Our First Match – Apr.01, 2012

Goal 2012, Infopark Football extravaganza – Our First Match


A new dawn in the history of Olive IT. It is the first time we are participating in a sports event with a representation from Olive IT. Yes, I am talking about the Goal-12, a football event organized by UST. It is also the first time that companies in the Infopark, Kochi have ventured out to have a sports event of this magnitude.

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