What is Performance?

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What is Performance?To know these, we need to start at PERFORMANCE ENGINEERING.



Build or modify a computer system to satisfy the given performance need.

A comparison in Civil Engineering is given as
“Build or modify a structure to satisfy the given need.”

In fact, PERFORMANCE is the trait of the system that we wish to engineer, hence referred to as PERFORMANCE ENGINEERING. Continue reading “What is Performance?”

HitWicket addon – Live Cricket Scores from cmdn.com

Live Cricket Scores from cmdn.com

HitWicket :

An exclusive addon available in FireFox for Cricket lovers, developed by Jitto P Jose.

– Shows realtime live cricket scores and alerts in your firefox browser
– Synchronized with CMDN to get you the live cricket scores

Rush and get your vital link to live cricket scores and see those popups appear to inform you at important juncture of your favourite cricket match.

You can find it at https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/10830
(You will need a free registration at https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/users/register to avail of the download.)

Note : Please leave your reviews on Mozilla for this handy addon.

Live Cricket Scores – cmdn.com

Live Cricket Scores

The CMDN platform hosts scorecards of cricket matches, big and small, across the world. An entire cricket Tournament can be set up and managed, from start to finish, on CricketMaidan.

Get your Live Cricket Scores for your favorite International Matches.
Go to http://www.cmdn.com/

CMDN Mobile
For people on the move, CricketMaidan scorecards are available on the cellphone, http://cmdn.mobi/

Web Applications – Scalability

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Scalability for Web applications

What is scalability?

In simple terms, the server should be able to meet the increased demand for HITS per SECOND/ Transactions per Second over a period of time in increasing user ratio, without failure.

If the Hits per second decreases at some point of time, then it is indicative of decreased performance. Typically a decrease in scalability can be traced to database indexing problem, a full data cache or a saturated network connection.

Therefore it becomes necessary to test the disk usage, memory, or network components while stress testing. Continue reading “Web Applications – Scalability”

Software Code Review – Best Practices

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Code Review – Best Practices
Abhilash Gopi
Cordiant Technologies

Code Review

• Code review is best applied in a Top-Down order
• Code to be incrementally documented.
• Code evolution – We will need to be on top of this.
Code Evolution?

• As the code evolves, it provides us a basis for learning and avoiding mistakes. Continue reading “Software Code Review – Best Practices”

Risk Analysis and Management

Risk Analysis, Risk Management

Risk Analysis & Risk
A Quality perspective – Abhilash Gopi.


What is a Risk?
Risk is a possibility that an unfavorable event will occur. It may be predictable or unpredictable.

Components of Risk

Risk has three components. These components need to be considered separately when
determining on how to manage the risk

Components are
• The event that could occur – the risk,
• The probability that the event will occur – the likelilhood,
• The impact or consequence of the event if it ocurs – the penalty (the price you pay). Continue reading “Risk Analysis and Management”