QTP – Accessing SQL Server for automation test needs

Here’s the script that will enable you to connect to SQL Server Database and carry out basic functional tests.

Enhance the script as you may deem fit to cater to your testing needs. All the best.

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QTP Database Testing : Connecting to an Access database and executing a query

QTP Database Testing : Connecting to an Access database and executing a query

One of the most intriguing and challenging tasks for a tester is to conduct a Database test and verify the query and the related outcome. It surely needs extensive knowledge on executing the underlying queries and verifying its correctness based on a host of parameters. The most important aspect is the correctness of the query and the optimized nature. This requires good knowledge in query writing, understanding the intricacies of the Database.

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Software Testing – Database Testing

Database Testing
Abhilash Gopi

Database Testing?

• It is done as part of a detailed test activity for the Database and its interaction with the Application.
• The testing is done to ensure that right data is being input through the User Interface, and the right data is being retrieved from the database and displayed in the relevant reports.

Essence of Database Testing

• You have a SQL database, some stored procedures, and a layer of code sitting
between your application and the database.
• How can you put tests in place to make sure your code really is reading and writing the right data from the database?

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Database Testing – SQL Commands

Database Testing – Using SQL Commands

In order to do complete justice to the Database testing, it is equally important to know the various SQL commands. You will find below the commonly used SQL commands that could be put to use to test the concerned database.

SELECT clause

SELECT “col_name” FROM “table_name”

SELECT store_name FROM store_information


SELECT DISTINCT “column_name” FROM “table_name”

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