Web Applications – Scalability

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Scalability for Web applications

What is scalability?

In simple terms, the server should be able to meet the increased demand for HITS per SECOND/ Transactions per Second over a period of time in increasing user ratio, without failure.

If the Hits per second decreases at some point of time, then it is indicative of decreased performance. Typically a decrease in scalability can be traced to database indexing problem, a full data cache or a saturated network connection.

Therefore it becomes necessary to test the disk usage, memory, or network components while stress testing. Continue reading “Web Applications – Scalability”

Software Application Performance – Testing basics

Software Testing, Performance Testing, Performance Tuning

Performance Testing Basics.

Performance testing activity has long been considered a niche area by most software companies. This has been primarily due to the high cost of the tools involved. With the Open Source carving a space for themselves in the world of software tools, it is time companies realized that they too can afford and contribute to performance testing. They too are in a position to offer their services to their clients. Continue reading “Software Application Performance – Testing basics”