Coffee Powder Sketches – Jesus

Coffee Powder Sketches – Jesus   A welcome break, I had and spend some time alone. A big stress reliever and immediately, I followed my instincts to spend a few minutes and do a sketch or two. It was the week following the Easter and the topic vivid in my mind – Jesus. “Okay, soContinue reading “Coffee Powder Sketches – Jesus”

Coffee Powder Sketches/ Paintings

Coffee Powder Sketches Hey Folks, I am back with another series of Coffee powder paintings. With my work eating into my nights, I thought it best to refresh myself with a few paintings. 3 nights of work helped me put in a few minutes to create quick sketches.

My sketches… Quick ones

My quick sketches … Typically a 4 to 5 minute sketch.   Sketching is one of my favorite pastimes… I indulge in it when I feel that I am really in that frame of mind. To clear my thoughts and conjure up my imagination. An imagination we humans are well adept at and we knowContinue reading “My sketches… Quick ones”

Michael Jackson – A glass painting sketch

Michael Jackson – A glass painting sketch Saturday, Nov.29, 2014 A weekend when I typically look out for pursuing my hobbies and interests. As part of the School curriculum, my son had an introduction to Glass Painting. He came back excited from his share of knowledge and was very vociferous when he was explaining itContinue reading “Michael Jackson – A glass painting sketch”

Sketches from Sunday, Sep.30, 2012 (A typical Indian Village dawn/ morning)

Sketches from Sunday, Sep.30, 2012 (A typical Indian Village dawn/ morning) Sunday, Sep.30, 2012. A day when I relax, away from the hectic schedule from office. This day, I decided to spend my time sketching and I got two sketches within a few minutes. Here they are.

Chinese Fishing nets (Cheena vala) of Cochin

Chinese Fishing nets (Cheena vala) of Cochin, Fort Kochi The Chinese fishing nets (Cheena vala) is a common sight along the coast of Cochin, typically Fort Kochi. These were introduced by the Chinese explorer Zheng He.

Made the most of it – Hartaal day Nov.29, 2011 (for Mullaperiyar Dam)

Made the most of it – Hartaal day Nov.29, 2011 (for Mullaperiyar Dam) Nov.28, 2011/ 11:20 pm. Nov.29, 2011 has already been declared as a hartaal for showing solidarity with the people of Kerala on the Mullaperiyar dam issue. I had already taken permission from my Delivery Manager to work from home and only comeContinue reading “Made the most of it – Hartaal day Nov.29, 2011 (for Mullaperiyar Dam)”

3 to 4 minute sketches

3 to 4 minute sketches   A day in the life of a software professional is beset with tight schedules and deadlines. In order to make my daily grind interesting and fruitful; I sometimes do involve in doing 3 to 4 minute sketches to break the monotony. All the sketches are done on a businessContinue reading “3 to 4 minute sketches”