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White Box Testing – Loop Testing

Loop Testing• Loop testing is the testing of resource(s) multiple times under program control.
• The most important aspect of this test is to ensure that the control loop is executed multiple times and exited when a particular condition is satisfied.


# Typical bugs that arise are
• Variable not incremented, hence an infinite loop is established,
• Specifying the loop exit criteria incorrectly, hence the resultant output will be incorrect.

# Typical examples are

While not rs.EOF then
statement 1
statement 2
Wend Continue reading White Box Testing – Loop Testing

Database Testing – SQL Commands

Database Testing – Using SQL Commands

In order to do complete justice to the Database testing, it is equally important to know the various SQL commands. You will find below the commonly used SQL commands that could be put to use to test the concerned database.

SELECT clause

SELECT “col_name” FROM “table_name”

SELECT store_name FROM store_information


SELECT DISTINCT “column_name” FROM “table_name” Continue reading Database Testing – SQL Commands

Software Testing – Data Flow Testing

Data Flow Testing

• Data Flow testing targets the lifecycle of a particular piece of data (i.e. a variable) in an application.
• The technique to implement an effective Data Flow testing is to look for patterns of data usage based on which risky areas of the code can be found and more test
cases can be applied.


Let’s see some basics as regards DATA.

# DATA is used in 4 ways
• (D)efined,
• (U)sed in a predicate,
• (U)sed in a calculation, and
• (K)illed. Continue reading Software Testing – Data Flow Testing

Software White Box Testing – Cyclomatic Complexity

White Box testing types

• We have the following types for White box testing based on the technicalities
• Code Coverage Analysis (includes)
• Basis Path Testing
• Flow Graph Notation,
• Cyclomatic complexity,
• Control Structure Testing
• Conditions Testing,
• Data flow testing,
• Loop Testing.

Basis Path Testing
• This is a testing mechanism proposed by McCabe,
• The aim of this testing is to derive the logical complexity measure of a procedural design and use this information as a guide for defining a
basic set of execution paths.
• The resulting test cases will ensure that the basic set of paths will execute every statement at least once. Continue reading Software White Box Testing – Cyclomatic Complexity