Employee Retention : How best to do it?

Employee Retention :

Attrition : A dreaded word for a manager who cherishes their relationship with their employees. Let’s take a peek into little techniques practiced by managers to retain their best employees.

Attrition happens when the employee feels that “The grass is greener on the other side”. So what should the manager do? The first thing is to make this side greener. Continue reading “Employee Retention : How best to do it?”

Resolving the “Bind Exception” stumble block for JMeter

Resolving the “Bind Exception” stumble block for JMeter

Using JMeter to test performance provides an unusual stumble block in the form of Windows limitations. When 1000 to 1200 threads are in process, you may hit the block in the form of “Bind Exception“. This is attributed to the limitation of Windows to process concurrent threads. We can enhance the limit by the following workaround.

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What is Performance?

Performance, Software Performance

What is Performance?To know these, we need to start at PERFORMANCE ENGINEERING.



Build or modify a computer system to satisfy the given performance need.

A comparison in Civil Engineering is given as
“Build or modify a structure to satisfy the given need.”

In fact, PERFORMANCE is the trait of the system that we wish to engineer, hence referred to as PERFORMANCE ENGINEERING. Continue reading “What is Performance?”