A Tribute to our Bravehearts (Mumbai 26/11)

A Tribute to our Bravehearts

Every citizen will pray for your dear souls. Every one of us will remember the martyrs and you will live in our hearts forever.

Here are a few lines honouring our brave men.

When on Mumbai, terror again struck
On the 26th of November, night
little did the crowds knew, that they did be stuck
on the streets like a sitting duck.

Terrorists, with minds dark and mean
Came to Mumbai, with devil’s intentions
To strike terror, never before seen
and hold the city to ransom, unforeseen.

People, our own and our friends
from lands far away, beyond the seas
had been in the city, to make and meet friends
but life to ’em, did befriend.

In the crisis, In times of need
Our policemen to the rescue came
With hearts brave, to do the good deed.
Thou’ fell to the bullets, to join the martyr’s creed.

Our soldiers, beloved and brave
To thee, we salute, with our soul ‘n’ hearts
The onslaught, with conviction, your braved
and a major crisis to our country, you staved.

To all the martyrs, we stand in silence
and pray for your dear souls,
In times like this, thou’ve shown resilence
to save many, with your will ‘n’ persistence.

Jai Hind.

War on Mumbai, Nov.26, 2008. (Mumbai 26/11)

War on Mumbai
Nov.26, 2008

Nov.26, 2008; The day terrorists struck Mumbai, the Financial capital of India. With meticulous planning and execution, the fanatics went about their job with professional precision, striking terror into the hearts of the people of India. Every citizen stood stunned as it unfolded on the TV screens and the less privileged who were caught in the midst of the attack.

As was customary, I put on NDTV for my daily evening dose of news and I was aghast to find that Mumbai is struck again. When the terrorists struck at 9:40 PM on Wednesday, the initial thought and news that went around and also propagated by the TV news channels were about the in-famous gangwars that typically rock Mumbai. Continue reading “War on Mumbai, Nov.26, 2008. (Mumbai 26/11)”