A Tribute to our Bravehearts (Mumbai 26/11)

A Tribute to our Bravehearts Every citizen will pray for your dear souls. Every one of us will remember the martyrs and you will live in our hearts forever. Here are a few lines honouring our brave men. When on Mumbai, terror again struckOn the 26th of November, nightlittle did the crowds knew, that theyContinue reading “A Tribute to our Bravehearts (Mumbai 26/11)”

War on Mumbai, Nov.26, 2008. (Mumbai 26/11)

War on MumbaiNov.26, 2008 Nov.26, 2008; The day terrorists struck Mumbai, the Financial capital of India. With meticulous planning and execution, the fanatics went about their job with professional precision, striking terror into the hearts of the people of India. Every citizen stood stunned as it unfolded on the TV screens and the less privilegedContinue reading “War on Mumbai, Nov.26, 2008. (Mumbai 26/11)”