Don’t go up in smoke.

Quit Smoking, Guys.

(Warning: Smoking is injurious to HEALTH)

Your friend, to thou are close blokes
When you meet, you say “Wanna Smoke”;
Nods he, with his head, in affirmation
and his lips smacking, in readiness `n` anticipation;

Out from your pocket, a case of cigarettes, you draw
without your realization, to your body, is the last straw;
Lighting it up, to make circles of smoke and fumes
Slowly `n` surely, turning your insides, like a deadly chimney plume;

Inhaling the impotent mix, Ti`s a deadly kick
Mate, All I can say “To enjoy, that was a wrong pick”;
Every puff, that into your being, you suck
Within you, Oblivious to thou, your life to the end, it sucks;

Next time, when your friend, you gonna meet
Ti`s better, without smoke, to walk down the street;
Thou`ll realize, a favor to your bloke, you do
And in life, for others, carry a message “Quit Smoking, I do, you do”;

(A sincere message to all you blokes to quit smoking.)