Homes Razed. Government fails…

The Government fails…

Kerala, thy name for a country
called as God’s own country,
Ain’t no special country
cause, Thy has no rules for a country.

In the news, for reasons,
when homes were razed, for no reasons,
and the people, who know not, why
and the reasons given, They were high in the sky.

Buildings built, not conforming to regulations,
where Builders and Officials, made money outside regulations,
Selling prime land, where construction was forbidden
and the place was taken and bidden.

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Happy New Year wishes to all

Happy New Year wishes to all


Twelve months gone by,
and a year, just over
It’s time to say Good bye
for all that happened and is over.
Time to welcome the NEW YEAR
Learning from the past YEAR.

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New Year, 2019 wishes to you all.

New Year Wishes for a successful 2019


Now that we are on the threshold of a new beginning towards a more successful 2019; it’s time to take in new perspectives, new goals and new aspirations.


Here’s me wishing you and your family a great and Happy New Year, 2019.

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International Women’s day (Wishes and greetings galore)

International Women’s day


March 8, The International Women’s day
Celebrated, over the world,
Women, bracing and standing proud,
standing up and let know the world,
Hey!!, We too are a part of this world.

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A tribute to our honorable President, APJ Abdul Kalam

A tribute to our honorable President, APJ Abdul Kalam

With his passing away, he has left a unimaginable and unfathomable void, which will never be filled in judiciously in the coming generations. We all love him as our Abdul Kalam, for he ruled our hearts as a warm, humble and simple being.

A few lines, I wrote for one of the greatest persons; India has ever seen and experienced.

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A tribute (a poem dedicated to September 11 affected)

This is one poem I wrote as a tribute to the September, 11 victims and a crime against mankind. I found this poem which I had written long back. Feels nice to get it back.

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Virtual love

virtual love

This poem talks about the world of virtuality, with internet, web making a big impact in the life of youngsters.

Virtual Love

O men ‘n’ women, Of love, you have heard and read
where the emotions, in your heart, you dread;
’cause in life, the passion, it whips
and your soul, to the bare, it strips; Continue reading “Virtual love”

The lost soul

The lost soul

This poem speaks about the obstacles, unknown facets of war when the soldiers are away on a foreign land and fighting the enemy. All this because their leaders willed them to. They have no enemies but are fighting a non-existent enemy.

The lost soul

In land unknown, the soldier, lots of ’em, come
to get to task, and t’is new for some;
Motivated ‘n’ high, to complete a task, clean and fast
and for some, to keep, in memory a thing of the past; Continue reading “The lost soul”