Covid19 – The Chinese PANDORA Box

Covid19 – The Chinese PANDORA Box


It has been months now with the Covid19 virus ravaging nations and people and hurtling them to their death knell. A manageable situation has ballooned beyond control and has become the dreaded virus; keeping humans at the edge. Rising tensions, apprehension about the outcome and a possibility of being infected has taken a toll on humans emotionally.

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Being Positive… In trying times…

Being Positive… In trying times…
We have always been flooded with loads and loads of messages, proverbs and sayings for being positive and bringing in positivity; in turn looking for better opportunities. I guess, this is what motivates us to give that little extra, to take that little extra risk, to go all out and bring a change in our lives.

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Tanhaji – The unsung warrior. A tribute to the glorious Maratha Empire.

Tanhaji – The unsung Warrior finally hit the screens and is going great guns; just like the guns of the yore Maratha Kingdom. I saw the movie over the weekend and I have been smitten by it.

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Our Heritage Temple – The Big Tanjavur temple

Our Heritage Temple – The Big Tanjavur temple

Onam Vacations. My kids are excited to make the most of the vacations this time. As part of  the outing, we planned a visit to the Tanjavur temple in Tamil Nadu. It was in addition to the visit to National College, Trichy for my wife’s (Bindu V.A) research in Mathematics courtesy through Ma’am Manju Somanath; who is a mathematics faculty at this college and a big contributor to Mathematics research.

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Dileepkumar, the Incandescent Task Master

Dileepkumar, the Incandescent Task Master

This blog is about Mr. Dileepkumar, my Manager, my Colleague, my Friend; who has been with me since the last decade.

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Daane Daane pe likha hai khane waale ka naam

Goli Goli pe likha hai marne waale ka naam. Daane Daane pe likha hai khane waale ka naam.



The title is a bollywood dialogue made famous by Danny Denzongpa (the North East bad guy) with his perfect rendition.

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Sheejan and Abhilash Nambiar getting a fright of their lives. (Hilarious)

Sheejan and Abhilash Nambiar getting a fright of their lives. (Hilarious)


Day : Monday, Jun.27, 2016

Monday, a day that gives any of us the morning blues because it is the day we return back to School and to Work after the mind boggling, freak-out weekend. Incidently, it was a different day to remember for my chums Abhilash Nambiar and Sheejan. They have been working with me on my project since the last 4+ years and have been with me for quite long.
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