Merry Christmas wishes and a poem

Merry Christmas wishes and a poem to all


Ahoy, T ‘is Christmas time
Calling us, Gotta hear the Christmas Chimes,
Beckoning to have a great time
And revel in the fun time.
The carols, melodious to our ears,
At this time of the year,
Lightening our hearts with joy
It’s time for all to enjoy.

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Coffee Powder Sketches – Jesus

Coffee Powder Sketches – Jesus


A welcome break, I had and spend some time alone. A big stress reliever and immediately, I followed my instincts to spend a few minutes and do a sketch or two. It was the week following the Easter and the topic vivid in my mind – Jesus.

“Okay, so let me do a couple-a-sketches of Jesus”. Is what I thought to myself and is for you to see.

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Coffee Powder Sketches/ Paintings

Coffee Powder Sketches

Hey Folks, I am back with another series of Coffee powder paintings.

With my work eating into my nights, I thought it best to refresh myself with a few paintings. 3 nights of work helped me put in a few minutes to create quick sketches.

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