Workout Tips – Weight Training

Health is Wealth. Exercises in any form, light or heavy, aerobic or anaerobic, isotonic or isometric will greatly benefit your body and provide you preventive measures for problems that normally befall us.

Weight Training – Abs workout

Weight Training – Abdominals workout.Every man and woman dreams of having washboard abs. It may not be possible for all of us. It is also necessary to have a low BMI (body mass index) in order to show those enviable washboard abs. What I would advice is to have strong abdominal muscles that will giveContinue reading “Weight Training – Abs workout”

Weight Training – Leg workout

Weight Training – Leg workout Having good legs ensures a strong base on which to further develop your upper body. Do not acquire a physique typically seen in cartoons; having a broad upper body on thin legs. Legs are my favorite routines in weight training. I swear by these exercises, to give you fantastic thighContinue reading “Weight Training – Leg workout”

Weight Training – Back workout

Weight Training – Back workout Your delicate spine is supported by well developed back muscles. This will prevent any major backaches and also improves your posture. The back is comprised of – Trapezius (supports your shoulder and neck) – Latissimus dorsi (the major muscles of the back, what we call as the main contributer toContinue reading “Weight Training – Back workout”

Weight Training – Triceps workout (Arms – II)

Weight Training – Triceps workout (Arms – II)Tricep is the larger muscle in the arms. Proper development of tricep enhances the girth of the arms, giving you those powerful arms which you always dreamt. The triceps is comprised of – Brachailis– Tricep long head The commonly used tricep exercises are 1) One arm triceps extensionContinue reading “Weight Training – Triceps workout (Arms – II)”

Weight Training – Biceps workout (Arms – I)

Weight Training – Biceps workout (Arms – I)Every man dreams of massive arms and popeye like forearms. The arms comprise the Biceps and Triceps. To add that massive look, it is necessary to have well-developed biceps and triceps too. Most of us concentrate on a particular muscle type, primarily the Biceps and totally ignore theContinue reading “Weight Training – Biceps workout (Arms – I)”

Weight Training – Shoulder workout

Weight Training – Shoulder workout Shoulders are comprised of – Anterior deltoids– Posterior deltoids The commonly recommended exercises are1) Front barbell press (military press)Place the barbell across the upper part of the chest. Hold the bar with the hands just to the sides of the shoulders, thumbs are turned inwards. Extend the arms upwards. ThisContinue reading “Weight Training – Shoulder workout”