SHIJIL, A friend, a brother.

SHIJIL, another name dearer to my heart. A smiling and mischievous face and when that face speaks, we have the best one-liners falling out the lips. One-liners that will send you in throes of laughter and asking for more. That is that class, I associated with Shijil. I met him when he came to MillenniumContinue reading “SHIJIL, A friend, a brother.”

Kannur or Kaneer

Kerala, T’is called “Gods own country”Is today, mired in controversy and in a quandry,Everyday, news and views aboundOf law ‘n’ justice, gone overboard ‘n’ aground. A beautiful place with beautiful people, “Kannur”Got a new name, “Kaneer”,For its deadly killings of poor livesTo better ‘n’ progress the politicians vibes. People in blind faith, are pitted againstContinue reading “Kannur or Kaneer”

Ceejo, A mentor, a friend.

Dated : 21 September, 2007Time : 3:40 pm.The month : September. Another red letter day in the history of Cordiant. Another personnel released from the services of Cordiant. Not just a personnel, but a VIP; who has spend a long time (according to him) with Cordiant evolving the business to the stage what it isContinue reading “Ceejo, A mentor, a friend.”