Beginning with Selenium 3.0 Automation – Part IV (Scripting with Selenium 3.0)

Beginning with Selenium 3.0 Automation – Part IV (Scripting with Selenium 3.0)


Hey Folks, you are all set to begin with the Selenium scripting.

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QA Complete – Setting up the Configuration for your Automation Scripts

QA Complete – Setting up the Configuration for your Automation Scripts.


It has always been a bane of Test Managers to manage their work and track it successfully. QA Complete, Test Link, ALM are some of the tools available to cater to such tedious functions of managing the complete set of test cases, and executing them successfully.

QA Complete provides the following benefits and ensures a complete and comprehensive set of test management capabilities. Besides this, it also promises a great delivery on centralized reporting across all aspects of testing; be it Manual or Automated testing.

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Creating a Keyword Driven Test Automation Framework

Test Automation Framework.

With increased effort being directed to automation; it is equally important to know that to be successful and efficient necessiates for some basic infrastructure in place. The importance of an automation framework gets prime focus if you are planning to embark on a full-fledged automation effort. However creating an automation framework does not come on a platter. A huge effort does goes in to identify the scenarios and the reusability nature of the various components within the framework model.

It is equally important to know the specific operations that could synergically combine and work together to generate the final result.

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Automation – QTP Tips

Automation – QTP related tips. 
Sureshot things you should remember

. Used to refer to the Page

• Browser(“micClass:=Browser”) Used to refer to the Browser object • Page(“micClass:=Page”)

. Used to refer to a textfield

Object • WebEdit(“name:=txtAssertion”)  

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Launch QTP through VBScript

VBScript – Launch QTPAn update to our QTP knowledge. What I have below is a script that will enable the user to automatically open QTP and run the desired QTP function that could be coded within a vbs script.


Here is the script.
You can use this script to launch QTP automatically and run the scripts anytime from any place. No need to copy the scripts into your machine at all.

‘ This is a base function to launch QTP automatically and run the desired functions.
Dim qtApp ‘ defines the object to invoke the application through late binding technique
‘ To set the QTP late binding object. This object will be used to invoke the application QTP and associate a late binding connection to it.

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