Creating an Effective Test Case Format

Creating an effective test case format

Time and again, the testing folks have to go about creating a test case set for the project at hand. As we are all aware that the test cases can be generalized with some basic fields.


The mandatory fields are

–          Test Case Title (It is best indicated to have a title which clearly indicates the functionality of the product under test).

–          Test Case Version (when you have multiple enhancements/ changes in the product and thereby the test case too).

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Software Defect Attributes

Defect Attributes
(deals with important aspects of identification, categorization, classification, resolution and closure of bugs/ defects/ deviations).

A defect is any flaw or imperfection in a software work product or software process

Software work product is any artifact created as part of the software process,

Software process is a set of activities, methods, practices, and transformations that people use to develop and maintain software work products.

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