Sharmila’s wedding – The 10th of May, 2009.

The 10th of May, 2009.

10th of May, 2009 (Sharmila’s wedding) – An unforgettable day for me, Seji and Prajith.

It has been days of planning for Sharmila’s wedding. Planning among the QA and the past QA staff, to ensure that they are present for the wedding of the smallest and sharpest member of the QA team. I started my planning from Monday, the 4th of May. I planned to get my family for the wedding and also extend this marriage trip to include other small pleasure tours for my kids. As usual I planned it out and was expecting a couple of guys from the QA team to join me. I wanted Sreeram and Joji to join me so that they could direct me on the route and the alternatives if needed. Sreeram was playing around the bush and did not give me a definite reply. I wondered why? It would be days before I realized the reason for this. Continue reading “Sharmila’s wedding – The 10th of May, 2009.”