Weight Training Exercises – Open up a new world.

Weight Training Exercises – Open up a new world.

Many of us might at one time or the other faced serious health problems, which arises due to neglect of your body. This has detrimental effects in the long run. Exercises in any form, light or heavy, aerobic or anaerobic, isotonic or isometric will greatly benefit your body and provide you preventive measures that normally befall us.

I will be explaining various techniques and forms of exercises, which you can inculcate into your system and benefit from the same. Techniques will be explained in detail for exercise forms such as Weight Training, Yoga, Aerobics.

CAUTION TO BE EXERCISED : Please consult a Doctor before you start with any strenous forms of exercise.

REASON : If your heart is not capable of withstanding the amount of blood it has to pump after performing an exercise, it may have serious repercussions. This is due to the fact that the normal heart beat rate is 70 to 76 beats/ min, which will rise to 140 to 160 beats/ min; depending on the kind of exercise activity carried out.

Exercise Types
# Weight Training
a) Basic Information
b) Weight Training exercises
i) Chest
ii) Shoulder
iii) Biceps
iv) Triceps
v) Back
vi) Legs (includes calves)
vii) Abdominals
c) Exercise Routines
i) Beginner
ii) Intermediate
iii) Advanced
iv) Hardcore Professional

anatomy - musculature


a) It is very important to concentrate on proper form. Performing a required action slowly so that the concerned muscle is totally involved.

E.g. In the Barbell curl exercise, lift the barbell slowly and complete this range of motion in 2 seconds. Bringing the barbell to the original position slowly should take 3 seconds.

b) Concentrate on negative movements.

As indicated in the example above, the downward movement of the barbell constitutes the negative movement. Ensure to slowly lower the barbell in order to involve every muscle fibre. This will propagate accelerated muscle growth and repair, due to the blood rushing in and providing nutrition to the depleted muscle glycogen reserves.

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